During the recent weeks, important updates from New York State were issued new updates on MDS Collection, Medicaid rates, and COVID-19 testing. Skilled Nursing Facilities have been battling the Covid-19 pandemic while navigating a myriad of regulations from the State and Federal levels.

 In order to begin working on the July 2020 Medicaid rates, DOH is looking for providers to complete their MDS uploads by January 8th. The goal is to release the January 2020 rates by March 31, 2021, which is the end of the fiscal year in New York.

 Additionally, the following updates were provided:

 The revised January 2020 Medicaid rates are still being updated to reflect the July 2019 census upload.  Once the January 2020 rates are approved, it is expected April 2020 will soon follow. 

 DOH was unable to provide an update on the initial January 2021 rates.  It is hopeful they will be available during the 2nd quarter of 2021 after the MDS submission.

 Lastly, Governor Cuomo has ordered all nursing homes are required to test or arrange for the testing of all personnel, (including all employees, contract staff, medical staff & operators) for COVID-19 twice per week. SNFs are required by the State to comply by January 11th. 

Colleagues from NYSHFA and Leading Age of New York continue to advocate for skilled nursing facility providers in their quest to provide high-quality care through the Covid-19 pandemic.