On June 17, 2020 the New York State Department of Health hosted a webinar about enhancements to the July 2019 MDS census collection upload process. Historically, the process was considered cumbersome. Providers often faced delays in verifying their files were accepted by DOH after uploading. The goal of the enhancements is to simplify the process for providers and give DOH the ability to provide support faster. DOH officials stated the upload and matching process will now be reduced to one-step.

DOH encouraged listeners on the call to login to the Health Commerce System (HCS) and begin using the new functionality.

While DOH officials were clear to point out that there will be no change to CMI process and the RUG III reimbursement system, they were unable to answer specific questions about current & future CMI picture dates and corresponding lookback windows.

After the July 2019 CMI is uploaded using the new process, the Jan. 1, 2020 rates will be reissued to include the revised case mix adjustment utilizing the 7/31/19 census picture date.

More information can be found on the attached DOH update from NYSHFA.

About the Author: Matt McGarvey is VP of Business Development for Language Fundamentals. Matt holds a BS in Marketing from Le Moyne College and an MBA in Health Systems Administration from Union Graduate College.