Language Fundamentals & SLP Communication Foundations

Our Story

The story of Language Fundamentals & SLP Communication Foundations is a unique story of pursuing a lifelong passion — a passion for providing the highest level of speech therapy and building it into an industry leader. One that performed nearly 19,000 patient visits in 2019, and we are still growing.

Language Fundamentals & SLP Communication Foundations is a privately-owned organization with the philosophy to provide speech language therapy services with caring and compassion.

The organization was founded in 2001 by Michael Webb and Melissa Webb to provide speech therapy to Skilled Nursing Facilities. Because of the outstanding service provided, it became clear to Michael and Melissa that there was a need to provide speech therapy to healthcare facilities in a whole new way. Since then, the Webb’s reputation for honesty and integrity has fostered our growth and expansion across the region and across the continuum of care.

By working collaboratively with other disciplines such as nurses, doctors, dietitians, physical and occupational therapists, our clients receive a person-centered approach aimed at maintaining a strong quality of life. Unlike a staffing agency, our speech therapy service provides an entire team of speech therapists dedicated to senior care and highly skilled in treating today’s medically complex patients with swallowing disorders, speech language deficits, and cognitive issues. As an organization, we are sensitive to the facility’s clinical needs while ensuring a return on investment. We believe in being a stakeholder with healthcare facilities who partner with us to provide them with speech therapy services while maintaining our commitment to excellence and understanding towards our clients as well as their family and loved ones.

Language Fundamentals provides more than just therapists, we provide leadership and structure with over 50 collective years of experience in providing speech therapy in the post-acute setting, a network of speech-language pathologists highly trained and passionate about enhancing the quality of life, and an infrastructure geared to adapt to and operationalize regulatory changes from both the state and federal level, such as the Patient Driven Payment Model SLP Component.

In 2017, SLP Communication Foundations was born to expand our service offerings into the worlds of Early Intervention speech therapy, in-office speech therapy, and speech therapy for school age children. We have an experienced and talented team of SLPs who are dedicated to providing speech therapy that makes a difference. Our team strives to encourage children to reach their fullest potential and provide parents with the necessary resources to support their child’s language development. We believe that children learn best in their natural environment, and for infants and toddlers, this is typically at home or in the childcare setting. Working in their natural environment creates the unique opportunity for therapists and caregivers to work together to create strategies and activities within the daily routine to promote the development of speech and language.

It is because of our keen focus that we attract the best & brightest of the speech-language pathologists passionate about enhancing the quality of life of patients who have a variety of speech related issues including dysphagia, speech impairments, language development issues, and cognitive communicative disorders. We currently employ over 2% of the licensed speech language pathologists (SLPs) in the State of New York who practice medical speech therapy.

Our speech therapy office is located at 1032 Main Street in historic Fishkill, NY. Patients of all ages can be treated by our therapists in a casual and home-like setting.

Michael & Melissa Webb