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Operational Speech Therapy

If you are a skilled nursing facility or acute care hospital wondering if your Speech Therapy Department is functioning at its highest capability, you aren’t alone.

Speech Therapy is a unique field, therefore operating a Speech Therapy Department can be quite different than Physical and Occupational Therapy. Measuring the success of the Speech Therapy Department can be frustrating to many Administrators.

It is typical for a Skilled Nursing Facility to have:

  • Difficulty finding Speech Therapists who understand how to treat today’s more medically complex patient
  • Unproductive and costly speech therapists as full-time employees
  • More patients on altered diets and thickened liquids than typical
  • An increasing incidence of dysphagia among the long-term care population
  • Speech therapists who aren’t strong in providing swallowing therapy or treating cognitive communicative deficits, which is a crucial skillset needed to treat the long-term care population
  • A Speech Therapy Department that doesn’t make a meaningful contribution to Case Mix Index
  • Difficulty grasping the changing workload associated with the Patient Driven Payment Model and the new role of Speech Therapy

Language Fundamentals specializes in providing medical speech therapy services. Treating dysphagia, speech language disorders such as aphasia, and cognitive communicative deficits are at the core of our business. Having a consultation from Language Fundamentals can help provide your Speech Language Pathologists with the tools they need to make your Speech Department a success.

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