Providing Speech Therapy Service to Children in the School Setting

Speech Therapy Service to Children in Schools

Speech Language Pathologists play an important role in working with school age children in the educational system. By working in conjunction with school administration and faculty, speech-language pathologists provide students the help they need in developing communication skills necessary to advance academically and socially. Speech Language Pathologists assist students meet the performance expectation at each grade level.

Because children who struggle with language development are likely to have difficulty learning to read and write, having access to speech language pathologists who specialize in working with school age children can give them the added boost they need to enhance their learning. Our speech therapists at SLP Communication Foundations will work closely with school faculty to target each student’s specific needs.

Each Speech-language pathologist on our team possesses a unique skill set, knowledge of communication processes & language development, and a dedication to assisting school-age children through the learning process. Our SLPs have experience in working with children with speech & language disorders, autism spectrum disorder, fluency, hearing loss, feeding/swallowing, social skills/pragmatics, and more!

By partnering with SLP Communication Foundations, we provide to our school-based clients:

  • An experienced & talented team of SLPs passionate about providing speech therapy services

  • Service plans that are cost-effective and scalable to meet the changing needs of schools of all sizes

  • Advocates for the children in need of speech therapy service

  • Proficiency in providing Teletherapy

  • SLPs with Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD) Certifications

  • Full-time and/or Part-time positions to match the unique needs of your school / district

We at SLP Communication Foundations will work in conjunction with the school/school district in finding a suitable candidate for the position. We pride ourselves on taking the time to work with schools to establish what they are looking for in a candidate and presenting the best SLP available for the position. We have an established team of SLPs who have experience working school-aged populations, writing IEPs, and offer hands-on supervision to Clinical Fellow candidates.

If you are a School Administrator, and would like to find out how SLP Communication Foundations can be a great partner for your school system, contact us at (845) 897-3330 or