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Speech Therapy as a Service

Language Fundamentals is an organization with a unique mission — providing speech language pathology services to skilled nursing facilities and beyond. Our passion and expertise in the field of speech-language pathology in skilled nursing facilities is unparalleled, and our philosophy is to provide the highest quality of care to the residents and facilities we serve.

The full service model is by far the most popular amongst our clients. This model offers your skilled nursing facility consistency of coverage within your speech therapy department to meet the specific needs of your organization. Additional speech therapists are available to meet the incremental changes of your case load, performed without high cost per diem staff.

When we recruit speech therapists, we only hire those who have specialized their sights on working with the geriatric/medical population, which is immediately noticed by facility staff members, residents, and their families.

We are proud to say that we have multiple speech-language pathologists who are highly proficient in providing the Flexible Endoscopic Evaluations of Swallowing (FEES) to patients with swallowing disorders. FEES is performed at the bedside without sending the patient out of the building to the hospital for a costly and time consuming exam. We also offer VitalStim Therapy.  For more information on how to have the best speech therapy department in town, please go to our ‘services’ page.

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