While healthcare heroes have been going above and beyond the call for weeks, issues such as fighting the spread, PPE shortages, testing, infection control, staffing shortages, staff illnesses, communicating with families, and more are making the battle seem endless.

CMS recently provided a small ray of sunshine to Skilled Nursing Facilities battling the multiple issues stemming from the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Medicare Part A rates will increase by 2.3% in October for FY 2021. Many thought rates would decrease in October 2020 due to PDPM. Boy, does that sound like ancient history?

2. The MDS changes CMS planned for October 1, 2020 will now be delayed. After the proposed rule is released annually in April, MDS & reimbursement gurus typically spend the next several months trying to understand the changes and their corresponding impact. This year that goes on the backburner in favor of much more pressing issues.

3. CMS has also made funds available through both the Coronavirus stimulus package and the Medicare payment-advance payment program. For operators looking to access these resources, more information can be found here.

Covid-19’s march through post-acute care facilities around New York City and throughout the country is both sad and frustrating. THANK YOU to our healthcare heroes. You are amazing! The speech-language pathologists of Language Fundamentals are proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

About the Author: Matt McGarvey is VP of Business Development for Language Fundamentals. Matt holds a BS in Marketing from Le Moyne College and an MBA in Health Systems Administration from Union Graduate College.