It’s no secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the American workplace. While those of us working from home are grateful to be working, many struggle with the challenges of how to be efficient & productive while missing in-person interaction with co-workers.

Below are helpful tips I’ve gathered over the years:

1. Get up, shower, dress and eat – It is important to get the day started right and working from bed with your laptop & coffee isn’t it. Help yourself make the important mental transition into work mode.

2. Make 2 lists; preferably while at your desk – The first list will include tasks you are going to accomplish today. Your goals for the day go on the second. Now you have a plan of attack.

3. Plan for lunch and dinner – Eat a healthy lunch, then take 5 minutes and plan dinner. Planning for dinner will help you make the transition back to home life at the END of your workday.

4. Embrace the Inefficiencies – It’s OK to take a break whether you are working at the office or working from home. Give yourself permission.

5. Call people – as in with a telephone. Staying in touch via text or email is meaningful. Hearing the voice of a valued colleague or customer is personal.

6. Exercise – We all could use some endorphins these days. At lunchtime, go for a walk, do a 30-minute workout, or even some pushups & sit-ups.

7. Limit your social media – It’s a black hole. We can all agree that checking Facebook once or twice during an 8-hour day is plenty.

8. Do one thing for yourself during the day – Performing just one simple household task for yourself will make you a sense of accomplishment. It can be as simple doing your dishes from breakfast or lunch, making a protein smoothie, or taking 2 minutes to fold the laundry.

9. Punch the clock with a twist – End your workday at a designated time and go do something fun. Now for the twist. Designate time in the evening to return work related emails or texts. It will help you get a jump on the next day and can be as little as 5 or 10 minutes. Keep it to a max of 30 minutes.

10. Make a list at the end of the day – Take a moment and think of everything you DID ACCOMPLISH rather than what you did not. If you have something that is yet to be completed it goes on tomorrow’s list, and then don’t think about it until tomorrow.

While this isn’t the normal speech therapy and skilled nursing facility industry topics I normally write, I hope I helped. Let’s be a resource to one another. This too shall pass.

About the Author: Matt McGarvey is VP of Business Development for Language Fundamentals. Matt holds a BS in Marketing from Le Moyne College and an MBA in Health Systems Administration from Union Graduate College.