Oftentimes, a child’s early vocabulary is filled with a lot of nouns. While nouns are great, it is also extremely beneficial to start teaching your child more verbs (action verbs) to broaden their expressive/receptive vocabulary. It is very important to focus on modeling verbs as they are essential for many word combinations.

Early Intervention speech therapists routinely focus on building these skills with children. The attached image illustrates some examples of action verbs for you to begin using with your child today.

Verbs are helpful for a child to have in their vocabulary when they are trying to combine words and start talking in short phrases. When you think about it, it is hard to make a short phrase or sentence without using a verb. Therefore, you can target new words throughout your daily routines by labeling all your actions and your child’s actions. If you would like your child to start approximating short phrases, take notice of how many verbs they are using and try incorporating more into their everyday routines!

If you have questions about Early Intervention Speech Therapy, I am glad to help.

Jacqueline Pfeiffer, CCC-SLP

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