There is something truly magical about how toddler’s view everything. Their first real snowfall is no exception. I’ve included our 3 favorite winter outdoor activities with toddlers while promoting language development.

As specialists in early intervention speech language pathology, our role is to identify ways to develop and enhance communication skills.

Get dressed in snow gear

We can’t forget to bundle our little ones up! While it might be quite the chore, it’s a great opportunity to work on language. You can talk about new clothes they don’t get to wear everyday (boots, scarves, mittens, hats, snowsuit) and even make a game of it. “Can you find your hat? It goes on your head!”


Build a snowman

Nothing screams winter like building a snowman! You can help your child understand by narrating how to make it (let’s roll the snow, make a big ball), giving them choices (“What should we put on next? The eyes or the hat?” while showing them their options) and talking about body parts (The snowman needs arms).

Go sledding!

Your little one will love riding down the hill with you in tow. You can talk about climbing “up, up, up” the hill and going “down”. Use the prompt “Ready, set….” And wait for your toddler to say “GO” before pushing off down the hill. Afterwards you can talk about how “fast” you were going or comment if you got “stuck”.

When you’re ready to pack it in. Warm up with some hot chocolate! Remind your little one to “blow” because it is “hot” and we don’t want to burn our tongue!

About the Author:

Nicole Calderin, CCC-SLP is the Early Intervention Program Director at SLP Communication Foundations, a division of Language Fundamentals. SLP Communication Foundations employs over 20 SLPs providing Early Intervention Speech Therapy Services across the State of New York.