Leading Age of New York is initiating a campaign to Governor Kathleen Hochul asking for an immediate Medicaid rate increase for Skilled Nursing Facilities. This increase would be outside of the state budget in the amount of $259 million in SFY 2021-2022 and $586 million in SFY 2022-2023.

Even though this is not the normal time of year for negotiations as part of the budget process, the federal government has the ability to approve this sort of funding upon request from the Governor before year-end (12/31).  Therefore, the timing is crucial.

Skilled Nursing Facilities are being threatened by both the ongoing workforce crisis and the pausing of non-emergency procedures at 32 hospitals around the state.  Targeted funding would be provided for high-quality homes and provide funds to provide relief to financially distressed homes.

In 2020, Skilled Nursing Facilities around our state were inundated with Covid positive patients discharged by acute care hospitals.  With Covid cases on the rise again, Leading Age and its members are looking to be proactive even in the midst of this staffing crisis.

The investment would restore last year’s Medicaid rate cut and provide a 2.4% rate increase. If the federal government approves the funding, it would be retroactive to 10/1 and be matched with federal dollars.

Leading Age is asking provider members to contact their legislators and the Governor asking to proceed with this funding request.  They have provided a letter (LINK) to simplify the process.

Language Fundamentals supports advocacy efforts that enhance the quality of service for the elderly and vulnerable population being cared for in skilled nursing facility providers.