Early Intervention Teletherapy in New York State is now available!

Typically, early intervention speech therapists spend their day traveling between houses and daycares to provide services for children in their most natural environment. During this global pandemic, speech therapists are no longer able to make home visits. We are ecstatic that the state of New York is currently approving teletherapy, in which speech language pathologists can meet the needs of their families by using video and audio technology.

This shift in service delivery has allowed speech therapists to get back to their roots of the coaching method, where we can empower families and ensure the most optimal level of carryover. Early intervention speech therapists are able to provide parents and guardians with handouts, coach them through using specific strategies, and provide them with activities they can use within their daily routines that will help their child make progress toward their speech and language goals.

Language Fundamentals & SLP Communication Foundations is thrilled to be a leader in early intervention teletherapy. Contact us today for your speech therapy needs. We are happy to help!

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About the author:

Megan Almeda, M.Ed. CF-SLP earned her B.S.Ed. in Communication Sciences and Disorders and M.Ed. in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Virginia. Megan provides Early Intervention Speech Therapy services to children ages 0-3 within Dutchess county.