Early Intervention Cases


SLP Communication Foundations is Accepting New Early Intervention Cases Ages 0-3

SLP Communication Foundations is accepting new early intervention cases with evaluations being performed over telehealth. Parents, if you are feeling as if your child isn’t making progress with their communication & language development, it could be time for an evaluation.

If you are noticing that your child is not:

  • Using single words, babbling or you are having difficulty understanding what your child is saying

  • Responding to their name

  • Engaging in joint attention (shared attention of desired objects/activities)

  • Imitating gestures, sounds, words

  • Combining words into phrases

  • Able to follow simple direction/routine activities

If you are seeing one or more of these trends, or if your child’s vocabulary doesn’t seem to be growing, contact us to speck with a Speech Language Pathologist.

Our office number is (845) 897-3330.

We look forward to assisting you and your family!