I don’t think anyone was sorry to see 2020 end.  There’s a about a million funny memes out there that can attest! Healthcare workers have had an especially tough year, fighting for lives on the front line.  We are proud of you.  Below are 5 tips to help us all get the year started off on the right foot.

 1.      Say Goodbye to Toxicity – It could be certain social media accounts, too much politics, a poor diet, alcohol, negative news shows, bad relationships, or something else.  Some changes feel better right away, but some take time.  Recently, I purged my Twitter and Facebook accounts of people who routinely comment on toxic topics (take a wild guess what topic I am referring to).  When my feed became filled only with things I enjoy, I immediately felt better.  Give it a try!

 2.      Accomplishments – At the end of the day, do you feel like nothing has been accomplished?  I bet it isn’t true, it’s just negativity at work in our minds.  Take a moment and think of things you DID accomplish today.  Maybe they are simple (getting something crossed off your to-do list, helped a colleague, made a great meal, finished some laundry, paid some bills, etc.), so be proud of those accomplishments. You deserve it!

 3.      Healthy Eating – Everyone likes to start a new diet at the beginning of a new year, right? Rome wasn’t built in a day, however, there are so many options out there.  Instead of just giving up things you enjoy, try to find healthier substitutes.  It works!  It is so much better than going cold turkey and provides a sense of accomplishment.

 4.      Try New Things – Still stuck at home & still bored?  Why not, try something different? Recently, I took an online yoga class.  It was awesome.  Read a book instead of TV or endlessly scrolling through social media, cook some new recipes, or start your spring cleaning early.  Part of boredom is the feeling of the “same old, same old.” Try something new instead.

 5.      Optimism – There is hope.  We are going to make it to the other side of this pandemic.  We can do it!  Vaccinations are happening, beginning with our healthcare heroes followed by our vulnerable seniors. More and more people will be vaccinated during 2021 and together we will beat this.  Let’s all look forward, not back.

If you have any thoughts or need a helping hand, send me a message.  I’d love to help.