These days it’s not always easy to find the good in the world. In fact, most days it takes a real effort just to get through the day. Rather than feel that way, today we provide you with a “starter kit” of 5 Good Things to give us all some positive vibes and regain our perspective in this Covid world.

1. Healthcare Workers are Strong- Healthcare workers have been leading the charge and, on a daily basis, fight for the safety of their patients. Thousands of amazing healthcare workers have put themselves in the middle of the crisis to care for their patients. Many have gotten sick or needed to be quarantined, only to subsequently return to action. We salute you all!

2. Human Beings are Resilient – Resiliency is a great quality. We all get down from time to time. Battling back is the best feeling. Need help getting up off the mat? Don’t be afraid to ask a friend for help.

3. People are Identifying New Hobbies – Have you discovered a new hobby? Maybe its hiking, cycling, exercise, kayaking, cooking, or golf? Have you recently decided it is time to detox from social media in favor of a book? One of those things with pages and words 😃. We all yearn for “normal,” yet take the time to discover some new hobbies that are just out there waiting for us to take the leap.

4. When We do Get to See Friends and Colleagues, It Feels Great – Getting to see our friends, family and colleagues has an entirely different feeling now. Appreciate the people in your life so much more.

5. This Too Shall Pass – It will. There have been dark days before and there will be dark days again. Better days are ahead. Keep hanging in there. Lend a smile 😃to friends and strangers along the way.

Please feel free to share your thoughts. We are all in this together. Language Fundamentals is here for the community we love.