Staying home in isolation doesn’t really feel like we are helping. People need people.

After 9/11 millions of Americans, donated supplies, volunteered, gave blood, raised funds, gathered with family and friends, and most importantly consoled one another.

Navigating the twists and turns of the COVID-19 pandemic is a daily if not hourly challenge. The most dedicated of all, healthcare workers, are going into the front lines with the same spirit that first responders went to Ground Zero. They, along with grocery store & service workers, deserve our most sincere appreciation.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are hanging out on the sidelines trying to wrap our brains around the idea that staying home is the most helpful thing we can do, even though it doesn’t feel like it.

So, what do we do while we are home to avoid feeling isolated?

1. Call people

Texting is fine, calling is better. Having that real personal interaction generates real positive emotions. Seeing a friendly face using Face Time, Zoom, or Skype is even better.

2. Exercise

Go for a walk, do home workouts that can be found on the web. We can do these activities with a friend or family member and still maintain a healthy social distance. Exercise releases endorphins!

3. Write Down Your Thoughts

Even though the world feels strange, there are good things going on in all of our lives, some big and some little. Write down ALL of those good things in your life. When you CALL your friend or family member, encourage them to do the same thing. Now, we have some positive momentum going.

When this is over, lets appreciate the people in our lives, and all those little things.

About the Author: Matt McGarvey is VP of Business Development for Language Fundamentals. Matt holds a BS in Marketing from Le Moyne College and an MBA in Health Systems Administration from Union Graduate College.