Homecare Services


Homecare Services with Language Fundamentals

Having speech therapy service provided in the home may be a wonderful solution for many families.   That is where SLP Communication Foundations comes in!  SLP Communication Foundations is a division of Language Fundamentals that specializes in providing speech therapy services in the outpatient and homecare settings.

Receiving speech therapy services in the home provides the client with peace of mind that services will be provided in a familiar setting and allows the therapists to improve the functional abilities that are individualized to each client’s needs.  For seniors, aging in place and staying at home can be important issues to the patient and family.  The Speech Language Pathologist can plan a key role in helping to maintain a level of independence when it comes to nutrition. Among these needs can include:


  • Speech Therapy for Children

  • Early Intervention Services

  • Aphasia

  • Apraxia

  • Dysarthria

  • Swallowing Therapy



We have a unique ability to offer homecare services independently, as well as through several agencies.  Regardless, we assign a specific licensed, caring speech language pathologist to each client, ensuring that the essential therapist/client relationship bond can be formed.  When that bond enhances over time, the likelihood of progress during therapy increases.

SLP Communication Foundations is the ideal choice to partner for your agency! Our staff are located throughout multiple counties.

We want you to be assured that your clients always have access to a Speech Language Pathologist who is passionate about providing outstanding care.

If you are seeking home care speech therapy for your loved one, please contact us at 845-897-3330 to set up a referral.