COVID-19 Update


Please view this important update on COVID-19

Language Fundamentals & SLP Communication Foundations recognize the concerns regarding COVID-19 and the impact it is having on public health. As a stakeholder in the SNF industry, we are monitoring updates from CDC and WHO regarding this pandemic and sharing information with our employees and business partners. We are taking infection control seriously are taking all of the following steps:

1. We are communicating current updates from CDC/WHO to all of our employees.

2. We have mandated a review of handwashing techniques to ensure all Language Fundamentals employees are following proper hand washing procedures.

3. We have mandated a review of PPE and infection control to ensure all Language Fundamentals employees are following proper infection control procedures.

4. We have reviewed infection control procedures regarding items that are used between patients (ie stethoscopes, Pulse Oximeters, etc) and have instructed all Language Fundamentals employees not to bring any item into an individual session that is not absolutely necessary for that particular patient.

5. We understand that cold and flu season remains. However, if our employees show signs of illness that include fever, cough and shortness of breath we have instructed them to contact their doctor immediately to be assessed PRIOR to entering your facility.

6. If a Language Fundamentals employee has traveled to a COVID-19 “Level 2 or 3” travel restricted area, go on a cruise, or visit and area with a known outbreak of COVID-19 (or become aware after the visit of an outbreak) as identified by the CDC, he/she has been instructed to self-quarantine for fourteen (14) days by following the CDC guidelines.

7. If a Language Fundamentals employee has been exposed to COVID-19 at home or in the community, we have asked that they alert both our company as well as your facility prior to returning to work. If they have been exposed and are showing symptoms, we have instructed them to contact their physician immediately. If your facility has a more restrictive policy, we will adhere to your policy.

8. We have temporarily suspended outpatient visits at this time. We are scheduling visits for after March 31st. However, this is subject to change.

9. We are working closely with counties and will continue to provide Early Intervention services where allowed and with the approval of families & clinicians.

Our primary goal is to keep the patients we all care for as safe as possible. We understand the need to remain informed and vigilant regarding COVID-19 and assure you that we will continue to do so as long as necessary.

Suggestions for Families During This Time

1. For those with family members in post-acute care facilities or acute-care hospitals, use technology when available. Giving your loved ones the opportunity to see smiling faces over Face Time or similar can provide them with feelings of love and reassurance.

2. Maintain social distancing of 6 feet or more as best as possible.

3. Parents: while you are disinfecting surfaces in your home, don’t forget to wipe down your kids’ toys. Sanitizing devices and remote controls are also worthwhile too.

4. Support healthcare workers and those working in grocery stores. They are on the front lines and taking on risk by going to work. They deserve our appreciation.

5. There are many things we CAN do during these uncertain times, including having a POSITIVE attitude. We will get through this together!

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Message from Matthew P. McGarvey – Vice President of Business Development