Are you ready to take your SNF Speech Therapy department to the next level?

It’s time to assess your options for Speech Therapy in your Skilled Nursing Facility

If improving the speech therapy department at your skilled nursing facility only makes it onto your “To Do” list just once in a while, you probably aren’t alone.

Having a specialist in SNF Speech Therapy could be a jewel for you and your building.

Language Fundamentals is a specialist in SNF Speech Therapy. Prior to partnering with Language Fundamentals, the buildings we now work with used to be frustrated by:

  • Wasting big money on unproductive speech therapists
  • Not bringing in the Part B revenue or PDPM scores that the building deserves
  • Having patients on wrong diets or with impaired cognition who should be on speech therapy and never get picked up

If these are issues at your building, it could be time to find out if having a specialist in Speech Therapy is right for you.

The article below is a quick & easy read:

5 Characteristics of a Top Performing Speech Therapy Department

Are you ready to assess your options?  Language Fundamentals can be an asset to your team. See below on how you can get started on a free SNF speech department analysis.

Free SNF Speech Department Analysis

Please fill out the form below to schedule a 10 minute call prior to starting the analysis

In order for Language Fundamentals to perform the analysis, please be prepared to provide the following data:

  • 3 months of SLP utilization data
  • 3 months of PDPM scores

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Speech Program Development

Language Fundamentals is more than just a staffing agency. We specialize in operating the speech therapy department in a skilled nursing facility so you don’t have to.

Our mission as a stakeholder to our clients is to enhance the delivery of speech therapy services and nursing home speech services to meet the individualized swallowing and communication needs of the patients at each skilled nursing facility.

Our team works both onsite and off to support the SLPs in the skilled nursing facility and provide the residents with the latest treatment procedures and highest quality of care.